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So when I worked at the Open University, I was a bit of a tinker and wouldn't let any of my colleagues escape a big birthday or special occasion celebration. I used to design large plaques which I'd fix to office doors. Weddings warranted a complete desk make-over! 

Here are a few piccies:

Rosie's 40th

A birthday cake. Made from cake-shaped foam and covered with fabric and framed. Decorated with flowers, buttons and beads. Mounted on foam backing board.
With fairy lights on the top.

Rosies' Cake copy.jpg
Rosie's Cake copy.jpg

Tracy's 50th

Hand made flowers mounted on foam

backing board. Framed.

Decorated with butterflies.

Door Flower copy.jpg

Glo's 50th

Over 100 paper butterflies cut from plain and patterned paper. Pinned on to black foam backing board. Some of the paper I used was from Italian advertising just for Glo as she is Italian.

Glo's Butterflies copy.jpg
Glo#s Butterflies3 copy.jpg
Glo's Butterflies2 copy.jpg

Karen's Wedding

Over 100 handmade paper flowers in Karen's wedding colours. Favour bags around the desk filled with love heart sweeties secured with a flower. Heart shaped lights. Handmade fabric balloons. Butterflies. This was a fun one. Finished off with some real, large snowdrops.

Karen's Wedding copy.jpg
Karens' Blus flowers copy.jpg
Karen's Desk copy.jpg
Karen's Balloons and Flowers copy.jpg
Karen's Handmade Flowers copy.jpg

Shirley's 60th

The Beach copy.jpg

A four window picture frame mounted on foam backing board. Each apature filled with a different beach theme scene. Made from different types of paper. Buttons. Shells. Sequins. Fabric.


Emma's Wedding

All handmade paper pom poms and bunting for this one.

In Emma's favourite colour pink.

Finishing touch was real lobelia in troughs in front of her desk and one helium balloon either side.

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