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I think I've always been drawn to natural textures and materials like rattan, wicker, wood, fabrics etc.  But I'd say my taste is quite varied.  I love funky, unusual, unnatural things too.


In Encaustic Art (hot wax) I love the 3d affects achieved from embedding shells, grass, textures, papers and fabric.   Things become very exciting and unpredictable.


The finished piece might be so different from the initial spark of an idea, but I love that and really enjoy the journey, where ever I end up.  I'm continually learning and exploring.

Alcohol Inks are  just as much fun and I'm really enjoying exploring them too.  The beautiful delicate affects are stunning. Can't wait to combine Encaustics and Inks.  I'll keep you posted!

I also play with pastels, oils, wax, acrylics, chalks, and plaster to achieve textured results and I'm constantly learning and exploring different techniques and affects. Its always fun.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures in the Gallery.

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